Stephanie R M Smith

Inspired to take pictures by her father, an ex-Jesuit priest, Smith’s fascination with photography was cemented by the many hours she spent as a young teenager developing her prints in the Kodak darkrooms, the workplace of her father. Throughout her varied career in advertising, fashion and film, she has captured striking images of people and places around the world in an abstract, raw and cinematic style; her unobtrusive camera enabling her to evoke intimate portraits ranging from skid row inhabitants to high profile personalities.

Smith’s photography naturally evolved into filmmaking and she has produced, written and directed a documentary, “Cannes: The Agony and the Ecstacy”, which follows the lives of several characters during the frenetic Cannes Film Festival. Her numerous short films, most notably, “Far on Foot”, has been screened at international film festivals.

She is currently preparing to shoot her directorial feature debut, “My Golden Year”, a dark romantic comedy set in San Francisco, starring Matt Smith and Ruth Wilson and is in the midst of shooting a documentary about toxic public schools in America: “Dying to Learn”.